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The Legacy of Fannie Lou Hamer

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Meet iconic civil rights activist Fannie Lou Hamer, an oft-overlooked heroine of the Civil Rights Movement. Director Robin Hamilton shines a light on the life of this bold, unlettered woman in this award-winning documentary film.


In Ruleville, Mississippi in 1961, summers were scorching, cotton was still king, and African Americans were shackled to white intimidation, poverty and cruel injustice. Fannie Lou Hamer, a middle aged sharecropper living on a sprawling plantation, had known no other way.

But that all changed when anger, fate and an invitation to a voting registration meeting redirected the course of her destiny.

One Man One Vote

Photo courtesy of Hamer Personal Family Collection, Tougaloo College


During this half hour documentary, we will follow the life of a bold, unlettered woman who challenged the white establishment, chastised the Black political elite and fought for so many like her who had little else to lose and everything to gain.

Too often, women in the Civil Rights Movement have been relegated to footnotes in history. This film shines a bright light on a heroine who was a tireless soldier in the battle for equal rights.

About the Director

Robin Hamilton is an Emmy-award winning journalist, television host, and moderator, as well as owner of the ARound Robin Production Company.

Robin has worked for network affiliates around the country, including Florida, New York, and Massachusetts. Currently based in Washington, DC, Robin is a correspondent for the local Tribune affiliate’s newsmagazine program NewsPlus, and has hosted DC50-TV’s award-winning Black History month series for the past 4 years.

Director Robin Hamilton

Robin has also served as a Public Media Fellow, a program under the National Black Programming Consortium, which helps underserved communities adopt social media tools.

She received two Master’s degrees, one from New York University, with a concentration in broadcast journalism, and a second in public administration from Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government, with a focus on policy and media.

Robin often serves as a moderator for town hall style meetings, forums and events. She is owner of the ARound Robin Production Company, producing videos for both the public and private sector.

This is her directorial debut.

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